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Is it some type of agaricus?

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Hi all, i found these mushrooms at a pine forest. Altitude no more than 300m, under a small tree, next to the remains of a trunk. White, with light brown gills. On the stem there is something like a veil. There were several mushrooms of the same kind, in different growth stages. I think this ''ring'' was covering the gills, as can be seen in picture number 3. The biggest mushroom was about 10cm long, with a 6-7 cm cap. My guess is that they are Agaricus Silvicola... In general, i d say i am pretty weary of agarica shrooms, as i am never 100% of their id, therefore i am very reluctant to pick them. Maybe it is time to make a proper spore print...

Regarding the last picture, i took it because i saw that the ground was covered with a white thing (there was heavy rainfall the previous night). Could this white thing be mycelium? Has it reached the surface?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions...!










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The first several photos show what appears to be a species of Agaricus. Difficult to be precise about the species. Spore print will only confirm genus in this case. A. silvicola is a good proposal, but as you say, these can be difficult to pin down. Did you check the smell?

Bottom photo shows what appears to be a species of Mycena. I don't know what the white stuff is.

Good idea to photograph undersides of mushrooms meant for ID discussion. Also, the base of the stalk, which may need to be excavated. 

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Smelling it has not occured to me. Yes, i ll smell it tomorrow morning (i ll go again for my morning walk). I didn't want to uproot them for no reason, thats why i havent checked the bottom... However, the photo before the last one shows it clearly has no bottom ring. Anyway, thanks for the answer. Agaricus it is, so no picking... 

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