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Possibly macrolepiota?

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Hi all (again) and greetings from Greece! Found these in about 1000m altitude, in a forest of pine and fir. They look like macrolepiota procera to me.  The last one was found at about the same conditions - same mountain but different location though. Possibly Calocera (viscosa) or Ramaria? And what is this white thing? Moisture maybe... anyway, thats it! Over here rain is heavy today. Wish me luck! I m looking for Lactarius... 








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The mushrooms with whitish caps and scales on the caps each look like Macrolepiota procera (in Europe the true M. procera is found; here in NA we have a few alternative species but not the actual M. procera). However, the one seen in the fourth photo down possibly represents a species of Chlorophyllum. The species Chlorophyllum molybdites in known to make at least some people sick (if eaten). This species has a green spore print, whereas M. procera and the species of Chlorophyllum other than C. molybdites have white spore prints. To me the mushroom in photo #4 looks more like Macrolepiota than Chlorophyllum, but I can't be certain from just the photo.

The yellow coral... maybe Clavulinopsis corniculata? I don't know of another species of yellow coral with more-or-less straight branches that have some (not many) forks. The white stuff stuck to the coral looks like a spider web or some other non-fungal substance. 

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Kimon - The white substance on the coral looks like it could be the frothy foam produced as protection by nymphs of a species of "spittlebugs" in superfamily Cercopoidea: https://nature.mdc.mo.gov/discover-nature/field-guide/spittlebugs-and-froghoppers which includes spittlebugs and froghoppers. I've never seen them on fungus, but they suck juices from plants (usually non-woody plants like grasses, milkweed, legumes, etc.) and healthy mushrooms are loaded with juicy moisture. If you were to brush away the spit-like substance you may find a small green nymph hiding in the bubbles.

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