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Skunked in Tillamook Forest

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Spent four hours looking for chanterelles in the Tillamook Forest yesterday (Oregon Coast Range). 

We searched among second growth fir stands, on north slopes above 1500 feet elevation. We searched well off the trails, checking beneath ferns, under a canopy of Doug Fir.

Found one single chanterelle.

Very frustrating, since I've read numerous articles about how prolific these are in this exact forest, at this exact time. Either I'm doing something wrong, or this is a terrible season for chanterelles. 

Naturally, a friend of mine went last week, and filled a grocery bag in an hour. 

Any suggestions welcome. 



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Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to finding your honey hole. You have to put in the miles and search and when you finally do find your patch keep it to yourself. If you found one you are in the neighborhood. Keep looking.

Not every year will be a good year, and the conditions have to be right.

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