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Mushroom ID help

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I found these mushrooms in Cornwall a few days ago. They were in a grassy field not near any trees. There were about 8 different types of mushroom in the area. 

You are not able to see the gills without tearing some of the mushroom cap off. 

Are you able to help identify it?








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Somewhat looks like an immature specimen of Agaricus sp. but not one that I have seen.  I see what looks like a veil.  A spore print would be useful.

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I agree Dig, looks like Agaricus sp. It is hard to tell species without seeing it matured. I vote for Agaricus fissuratus, often confused with A. arvensis, which is called "Horse Mushroom". It looks like the gills have the pale pink color, but they seem to be browning near the stipe.

Bitcat, more info would be helpful: clear view of mature gills, a cross section, a look at the entire stipe, a spore print, smell and taste.

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Thanks for getting back. Here are some more pics. I'm trying a spore print but as you can see there isn't much in the way to print. Will upload if anything comes out. 

Not sure how to describe the smell and is it definitely safe to taste?







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