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Is this an edible mushroom?

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Hi Dilini, welcome to this mushroom site. You will have a better chance of ID-ing an unknown mushroom on the "Identifying Mushrooms" section of the site. That is where the most knowledgeable mushroom people look to help posters ID their finds. In addition, the picture you posted is not sufficient to make a positive ID. Ideally, we would like to see several photos from various angles, especially the underside of the cap, and the entire stem, including any portion underground. A cross section photo is often helpful. Whether a mushroom stains when cut or bruised will help with ID. Your photo shows these growing in grass which tells us the environment they grow in, but info on what the mushroom is growing on and what kinds of trees are in the area is very helpful. Odor and taste are often key indicators in identification (Yes you can nibble, chew, and spit a mushroom without adverse effects). A spore print is often one of the most valuable assets in identification.

All that said, I can't give a confident opinion on your mushrooms. The fact that they are growing in the grass leads me to think they may be some species of Agaricus, but there may be other genera these may fall under. see this site for info on Agaricus mushrooms: https://www.mushroomexpert.com/agaricus.html 

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