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Giving Out ID's


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We have lots and lots of new members here and I want to once again stress that it is very difficult in most circumstances to give a 100% certain Identification on some mushrooms from a photo. It is also important that unless you are an expert, you not reply with certainty with an ID name for someone asking unless you really know your stuff. I have stumbled across some posts here, where people have given an ID with certainty (certain to them) which were incorrect. So, once again, I will tell you NEVER take anyone's word for it at 100% certainty without doing your own due diligence and researching your own mushrooms since you saw them up close and personal and we didn't. Never take our word for it, but use the info we give you as a starting point to go research your mushroom finds on your own. Please don't give your expert advice unless you really are an expert! And don't believe everything you read here. If you would like to make an educated guess at what you think something is, please say in your post this is my guess at what I think it might be, but that doesn't mean that's what it is. Thanks!


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I usually qualify my answers if I'm not entirely sure.

As ladyflyfsh says, these are our OPINIONS --

YOU are the final judge, especially if you decide to eat something.

Be safe!

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