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An orange Lactarius to i.d.

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Found under Hemlock in southwestern ontario, these orange capped lactarius I am finding again for past two years. Now, theres no latex to see, looked on youngun and old ones, no green tinging, and they are more white on the undersides than orange as other lactarius I have identified. The largest cap i found was 6 inches across.They tasted acrid to me, so did not collect. Psammicola? 


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L. psammicola makes sense to me. There are a few other acrid-tasting species with zonate caps similar to L. psammicola. Even the spore morphology seems ambiguous for L. psammicola. From Mushroom Expert, "... isolated, amyloid warts and short ridges that occasionally form partial reticula." This description is somewhat self-contradictory, as isolated warts do not form reticula. 

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