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Grassy mushrooms

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In the photo, the spore print looks to be black. But, a photo does not always well represent color. Not sure what to make of "espresso colored print". Is there any hint of brown or purple?

Almost certainly a species of Panaeolus, most of which have jet-black prints. P. foenisecii has a very dark purple-brown print. 

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Thanks Dave. And always, appreciate your time and information...

I collected  a bunch more of these but they have mysteriously evaporated from the envelope i was keeping them in. Tried to get another spore print, but again, the mushroom (and I don’t use this word often) literally disappeared. I was left with a dark smudgy stain, so not sure of the exact spore colour....

however - here are a couple of pictures from what i found on my forest adventures today. 

They were on the forest floor, and many groupings or clumps of them  


Haha and don’t mind the white mushrooms shown off to the side of the photo - those questions are coming next! Along with a few others 😉🙃

thanks again 😃 



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The mushrooms seen in the more recent photos are probably a species of Coprinellus, maybe one of the species in the C. micaceus group. Combination of black spore print, grooved cap surface, and growth in "clumps" (clusters) supports this proposal. Also, the fact that the mushrooms dissolved/evaporated from the envelope points toward Coprinellus, which is a  genus of "Inky Cap Mushroom".  

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