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What kind of chanterelle is this?

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I was out mushroom hunting today, and came across some large chanterelles, actually the meatiest ones I have ever picked. One thing that threw me off is the lack of fruity fragrance, can anyone help me out with this one? It was growing with beech and hemlock. 







Update: After digging through my field guides, and doing a bit of online research, I was able to confirm that this is Cantharellus cibarius. 





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1 minute ago, Dave W said:

Really nice photos of some beautiful Chanterelles. Don't know this species. What is the location?

Port Hope Ontario area. Thanks. 

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3 minutes ago, Dig said:

There is a chewed up rusilla in the background.  Nice photos.

Thank you. Yes, they are everywhere right now. I think they are Russula emetica. The last one I tasted was like pepper. I don’t bother picking them, but they are really nice to look at. Today was a good day, as soon as I walked into the woods, there was 2 boletes bigger than my hand. Plus it’s always nice to have a little dirt on my shoes, it’s the only land I own. 

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