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Need Help with Strong Mushroom Smell Shroom

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Hi All,


New here but an avid mushroom hunter, some say I am a fungi to be with.... ho ho ho...

Anyway, I found a few of these mushrooms near maple trees, they were generally quite old and eaten, but I need help to identify them - the one I took photos of had such a strong mushroom smell, almost like Porcini or Cep when broken... the older ones like I said were bug eaten...

The gills were featherlike and soft, can't remember if they had a stem ring though.. the one I took photos of was about the size of an average human palm, others were smaller

Any ideas on the type of mushroom and is it edible?





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I don't recognize this species. Is there the remains of a partial veil on the stipe? Looks like there may be the remnant of a ring. If so, then maybe a species of Tricholoma.

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