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Amanita v?

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Hello again all.


I am new, as you may have guessed. I found this in the yard near the edge of the woods. I am not exactly using the most scientific microscope, but who can complain for 3$. Regardless, I have included some mic pics. If anyone can help me understand what it is I am exactly looking at here, that would be great. I am fairly sure some are spore but there seems to be a lot of detritus on the slide as well. The first four photos are from a cross section of the pileus.


My guess is that it is an Amanita vaginata, given the lack of ring, location, (other amanitas in the yard), the vulva, the color, etc. But that is just a guess.


Thank you.













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No clue as to what's pictured through the scope. Is this a dissecting scope?

The mushroom is Amanita farinosa. This species is easily confused with ones from section Vaginatae. (The true A. vaginata is not known to occur in NA.) A. farinosa is housed in section Amanita of genus Amanita. http://www.mushroomexpert.com/amanita_farinosa.html

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