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Original Marcus

Just returned from Russia. Loved "Opyata" but...

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I'd love help with Opyata (опята/ опенок).  I saw a thread here discussing them in the American north mentioning they are called Popinki and other versions.  However, 1. how can you tell small Opyata (first picture) (Armillaria mellea) from Nameko (pholeota Nameko) (second picture) mushrooms? Particularly the small ones when cooked or in jars?  2. the Opyata are honey mushrooms - I'm sure I've had tons growing in my chipped wood piles - but they can kill apple trees, and I'm an orchardist and am afraid of the honey mushrooms infecting my trees. I ate quite a few so-called opyata in Russia cooked in various ways - amazing and delicious.  But when I ID them - the photos I see that look like what I ate are often similar - the small, orangish, medium stemmed, buttonish Opyata/Nameko.  I read Nameko are a cold weather mushroom.  Thoughts/advice?  I want to grow some, and gather them.



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I know absolutely nothing about Russian named mushrooms. But welcome back. Lots to learn here for sure. Maybe some folks will shed some light on the subject 

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