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Hey Guys, did some recon to see if any chanterelles or Boletes we’re up yet. No luck other than a few tiny blue staining boletes. 

Found a tiny patch of oysters that was probably a big patch a month ago. 

However I found these growing on a decaying hardwood of some kind. Would love an ID and if edible. I forgot to drop a mark on the GPS but pretty sure I can find them again. 

Sunlight at one point was just behind one when I was getting ready to snap a picture and I could see the spores dropping in the sun . Was beautiful 

Also not that the caps to these were a little tacky to the touch if that helps 







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Species of Pluteus. I'd say these qualify for the Pluteus cervinus group(aka. Fawn Mushroom, Deer Mushroom). Usually these types are a bit more gray or brown. Some people ID pale forms as P. petasatus, but P. petasatus is almost white-capped with dark scales on the disc. It favors wood chips or mulch rather than larger pieces of wood. P. tomentosulus is another pale-capped species, but with cap very much white. 

All Pluteus species have pink spore prints, some verging on light brown. 

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