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Are these chanterelles?

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Found these in the woods near a lake in boothbay, ME. They were growing in a moss patch. The weather of the past week has been pretty chaotic. On Monday it was 90° then the temp dropped to 80 on Tuesday. Wendy’s was about 70°. Thursday and today (Friday) were rainy and cold. 




Accidental repost lol

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These look like classic Golden Chanterelles to me. Look to be in prime condition. Sometimes there aren't many connecting veins between the pseudo-gills. I do see forking.If you section a true chanterelle, then the interior flesh should be white, and the "pseudo-gills" do not form a distinctive layer of tissue, but rather consist of the same tissue as the rest of the cap except the outer surface (hymenium) is yellow instead of white.

Braden, what species of "False Chanterelle" do you think these are? There are several different species that are called false chanterelle. 

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