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In this area, we did not grow up eating mushrooms of any sort. But I got my fair share of wild yeast in the clabber milk I ate when visiting with elders living in the country. Clabber milk made in the winter is mild; it's mighty tart in the summer. Pass the cane syrup, please!

Grew my own shitake on logs this past year, and will admit to fear and trepidation when I sampled my first harvest. Again some fear when I harvested my first wild oyster mushroom from a decaying stump of either tallow tree or willow. Apparently the only mildly poisonous look-alike glows in the dark, in Australia and Japan and now also in India (and sooner or later, probably here too), so I ate only a rehydrated piece cooked in butter. It was delicious, with a texture sorta like boiled ham. Now I'm trying to propagate that particular variety. I'm very much in the early stages of learning to grow mushrooms, so I'm open to advice.

I collected some not-too-fresh mushrooms from that stump, and layered with wet cardboard. It's all in a plastic bag in a Kennedy-era bomb shelter. Hope to get mycellium I can use. And again today, I collected some crisp remnants of those mushrooms from that stump. They're soaking in water along with cardboard. Hoping to get at least some spores to sprout and grow.

Later, I'll saw off a piece of that stump and try to get a mycellium run from that. Granted, this is lots of beginner enthusiasm... If I do get mycellium running in the cardboard, what might I do next? My plan right now is to get a lot of that cardboard mixed up with corncobs (after they get the bleach treatment.) Might that work?

Happy to be here. Hope to learn. .

(Pix taken in Thailand. Mushrooms important there. Not much meat available where we went, and on more than one occasion I shared with several people one fish that maybe weighed one pound. Mushrooms have a future in this world. )


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