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I found these mushrooms growing on a hill side under some tree cover. It did not appear to be growing on a dead tree but from the ground. This is from Colorado and the Boulder area.20190606_211018.thumb.jpg.7d9ce801a439f076ea97ad7a2b84db08.jpg









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I think these represent either Leucoagaricus americanus or a species of genus Chlorophyllum . Most of these type mushrooms have white spore print. But, one notable exception is the toxic "Green Spored Parasol", Chlorophyllum molybdites. Many people experience fairly drastic flu-like symptoms after eating a meal the includes species. Of the white-spored types, some people are allergic to at least some of these species, as reports of illness have been made.

The white-spored Chlorophyllum species are difficult to tell apart.

L. americanus has a stalk that thickens in the lower portion but then abruptly tapers at the extreme base. Post-mature specimens become stained dark reddish. The sixth photo down shows stalks that are shaped like L. americanus. All photos show darkening in various areas of the mushrooms, but without a reddish tint. I don't feel confident about whether these are Chlorophyllum or Leucoagaricus. 

Were these mushrooms found recently, or last year (or earlier).

Some species of Lepiota produce small/slender mushrooms that otherwise look somewhat like the ones seen here. Some species of Lepiota are known to be deadly. I don't think the mushrooms seen in this thread are Lepiota (in the modern sense of the genus). 

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Is the staining dark reddish? Based upon the time of year  I'd lean toward L. americanus. But, maybe the Chlorophyllum species start up earlier in your area than I'm used to seeing here in PA. 

The mushrooms pictured look to be old and kinda dried out. 

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