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Cyathus sp. in my mulch...so interesting!

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I took these pictures yesterday and today...4-5mm scaly orange "cap" mushrooms growing in my garden mulch, and didn't even look at the photos until today.

What I didn't realize yesterday (old 58 y.o. eyes) was that these also had cups with "eggs" in them!

From MushroomExpert I have gleaned that they are likely a species of Cyathus...any ideas which one? I haven't tried a spore print or looking at them under the microscope...they are so tiny!

The first picture is from yesterday...orange scaly caps at the top are still quite robust. The second picture is from this morning, the caps are starting to degrade and expose the "eggs".

I'm also wondering if the smaller, bright orange stalked are even the same species?

Isn't nature amazing???





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Ah, yes, that does look like them! Thanks once again Dave!


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