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Please help identify these mushrooms


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That looks like a Chlorophylum. C molybdites , a bad mushroom, has a grayish green spore print & the gills also have a greenish color. I've never seen them in the Pgh PA area but have seen them in Delaware & NC fruiting in large numbers near the shore. I see blue in the gills which seems strange. Where are you? I'd be afraid of that one as C molybdites is supposed to be the most common sickener.

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You could collect a spore print on non-absorbent surfaces, one white one black, and then note the color of the print. There are several species that look similar to Chlorophyllum molybdites, each having white spore print. C. molybdites stands out on account of its green spore print. For a very thin print determining the green tint may be challenging, but if it's C. molybdites there will be a definite difference from white. 

A few of the white-spored Chlorophyllum species cause some people to become ill if consumed. But the green-spored C. molybdites causes extreme/prolonged gastrointestinal distress for a significant percentage of people. Not sure about any danger to pets/livestock. To be safe, mushrooms known to be toxic to humans should be removed from where animals are kept. 

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