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SW Florida, hobby grower

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I'm in my 60's and retired  and getting finally caught up all the the to do stuff that was avoided while working. A Shiitake log bought for me years ago ( during the summer) piqued my interest. It did nothing, I Later it was discovered it was to warm here to follow the directions on keeping it in the garage.  Then I started reading about growing mushrooms and gradually tried growing various species. There are wine caps and shaggy mane beds outside and hopefully a semitropical morel  from Mexico that was recently transferred to sawdust will work here. Inside there are pink oyster,  enoki , chestnut  and Florida Oysters in various stages. When it gets cooler the pink oyster is stopped and golden oyster, lions mane and King Oyster are added. I tried Phoenix and may try it again after a reputable supplier is located. Also Maitake AKA Hen of the woods  was tried when back when  I was getting started and while it grows quickly and colonizes spawn blocks with gusto getting it to fruit here is a challenge.  Maybe one year we will have more than 1 week of cooler weather and I can try it again. I grow a few blocks every once in awhile  just in case and send them north to family. My growing area is also my workshop and for cooling has a small fridge and a window air conditioner that is only on when I am in there. The small fridge is for slowing down grain jars that are ahead of schedule..

 Years ago when I was a kid we lived up north and often went morel and puffball hunting. Moved to S Florida then here in the 70's and about12 years ago someone sent me that log. Tried finding chanterelles locally a few times. I did find some old ones that were to old to eat and way to old to grow on agar. Looking for information on where they are is how this site was found..

We love eating what we grow, I've attached pics of enoki  we are growing, we move one bag every few days into the house fridge so a fresh supply is available.Enoki.thumb.jpg.83584ba5877a388b67ee0c1906782212.jpg

I'm through with my wall of words so hopefully we can exchange growing and finding info as time goes on.




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