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ID in Central Florida

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I didnt pick so I dont have a spore print. There were a pack of 4 of these guys growing in the grass, all identical. The multipe rings and lack of warts threw me off.


** the greyish color on top of the mushrooms os florida sand. It cakes on everything low to the ground after it rains.





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Need to see the base of the stalk. The mushroom needs to be carefully excavated in order to assess important details. The photo of the cap underside appears to show gills that are beige/tan, but this may just be because there's not enough light falling onto the underside. This is another reason why the mushroom needs to be completely extracted from the soil. 

I think these represent a species of Amanita. But assessing the particular section of genus Amanita is tricky here. The short marginal striations on the cap, coupled with what appears to be a partial veil (ring/deposit on the upper stalk), suggests section Amanita. But, I think these may not be true striations; rather just grooves formed because the mushrooms are a bit dried out and the thin cap margin has shrunk/contracted along the lines of gill attachment. I say this because the overall appearance of the mushrooms reminds me of section Phalloideae. The deposits encircling and clinging to the lower part of the stalk look more like remnants of universal veil rather than partial veil. Not seeing the base of a stalk means a major piece of information unavailable. 

Spore print color would help to support or eliminate genus Amanita from consideration. Amanita mushrooms have white prints. 

Are there any trees nearby? 

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