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Oyster mushroom? - Western Oregon

Jeremy G

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Hope all is well.

I have another thread in this forum regarding one mushroom that looks like it could be an Angel Wing variety or an Oyster mushroom variety.

Here is one that is on the same dead Big Leaf Maple tree. Its about 5 feet from the other mushrooms on the other thread.


Any thoughts on this one?

Gills terminate on stem.

I could take a spore print if that would help.







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Looks like Pleurotus to me. If you take a spore print, then collect it on two non-porous/non-absorbent surfaces, one white and one black. Pleurotus mushrooms come in different species; some  have white prints some --like the classic Oyster Mushroom, Pleurotus ostreatus-- have pale smoky gray/lilac prints. The deviation from white is best seen against a white background. 

Pleurocybella porriogens --Angel Wings-- are pure white in color and have white spore print. This species grows on wood of coniferous trees. 

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