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Found in FL unsure of ID

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Hello all,


I am new to the world of mushrooms, this is my first post here, hope everyone is doing well. I just noticed these growing in my yard in central Florida near the east coast. I don't necessarily plan to eat these particular mushrooms because they seem a lil old and half rotten and somewhat eaten by insects. However I do expect to see more of these as the rainy season approaches here in Florida. I am currently trying to get a spore print, but I don't think these are dropping spores anymore. These feel like they already halfway dried out. There is also quite a bit of white residue on these and around the area they grew out of, not sure what that is either.  I have watched a few educational videos on identifying wild mushrooms however if I can't get a spore print then I definitely have no clue... although i was hoping they are some type of psilocybe cyanescens?? 


If anyone cares to offer any input it would be greatly appreciated. 











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Thanks for taking the time to look.

I will certainly be keeping my eye out for some fresh ones so I can get a proper spore print. 

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That's a possibility, trout. Armillaria tabescens, the "Ringless Honey Mushroom". 

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