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Dave W

2018 photos

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2018 was a good year for mushrooms here in NE PA, especially from mid July through most of November. The annual precipitation measured at our local NOAA set a new record by over an inch!   1084084539_Mushroomweather2018.thumb.JPG.d0385a83423e5398cdae731fedec7afd.JPG

Remembering some nice finds.

Boletus edulis. The ones in the photo are more red than usual, for the local type(s). I submitted several samples of local edulis to a researcher in Utah.   1602049837_BoletusedulisSJO9-20.thumb.JPG.fb60cda13efc5c838a45f5d112ee8bb7.JPG

Mycena crocea is the "Walnut Mycena". These were part of a group found growing on nuts/debris from a shagbark hickory tree. Most field guides use the name "Mycena luteopallens".  1790289401_MycenacroceaSGL929-28A1.thumb.JPG.d4932dfe519f4142bb60891dcaf4cd78.JPG

I'd call this Hydnellum peckii, although there is a look-alike species.    1960346972_HydnellumpeckiiThrn9-141.thumb.JPG.8aac0d6f19a332b830bd8dad2f869332.JPG

A species of Bisporella, very likely B. citrina. Even with spore measurements it's difficult to confidently ID to species.  260136723_BisporellaBrCrkPrsv11-11.thumb.JPG.c564640a9271659fd7c76da93655cade.JPG

The always photogenic Amanita muscaria var. guessowii.  1313071953_AmanitamuscariaCoalStPk5-211.thumb.JPG.bd8108e520fe3cf75be90f7a844e4e78.JPG

Amanita jacksonii is the classic North American "Caesar's Amanita".   1526627844_AmanitajacksoniiRG8-81.thumb.JPG.eb24fa1a6df083ebe38826bb9b15aa8d.JPG

The provisionally named species Amanita cyclops is presently only known to occur in one small patch on a path in the northwest corner of my property.  984515418_Amanitacyclops2397-112.thumb.JPG.2b0fb20d72c9741b3747fdcabd33f087.JPG

Caloboletus inedulis has a very bitter taste.   1387808781_CaloboletusinedulisTbs9-11.thumb.JPG.acb1191b5b118610179b8262a084f34e.JPG


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I use a $100 Cannon "point and shoot" camera, settings on automatic, model name written on the unit is no longer legible.

Actually, I think my old SONY that  fell into a creek a few years ago was a better camera. I like the manual macro setting better than the auto-macro focus on my Cannon. But, one way or the other, my best photos are usually the result of snapping lots of pics from several different angles in variable lighting that is intentionally manipulated. I think that Mycena crocea pic was the only one out of 20-30 that I really liked. 

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