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Does anyone know the fruiting specs on "hen of the woods"? (i.e.: ground temp, air temp, moister, humidity, etc.). The reason I ask is I am finding them around Saint Louis, MO. right now, and want to take a trip to my property a couple hours South of Saint Louis (Jadwin, MO). However I don't want my foray to be a bust if the conditions are not ideal in that area yet. Any thoughts?

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I would say if the temperatures are between 60 and 70 and there has been plenty of moisture, and lots of older oak trees, you should get into them. I've heard reports of maitake from Mass. and Connecticut to Kansas, Ohio, MI, ME, PA etc. You can go to weather.com and plug in the zip code of where you want to go and then click on monthly to see what the recorded rainfall for that area has been. Other than that, if you are finding lots where you are, I'd stay put...but if you are feeling adventurous and want to go on a little road trip, go check it out. The main thing you want is oak trees, so if there are not lots of oaks, don't bother.

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I've heard from another M.O.M.S. member that it has to start getting cold before they come out,

like it did last week. I've found them up in Grafton & Saint Louis, so if they're not further down

south, they should be there soon.

If the hens aren't there, find some stands of pine down there and look for lobster mushrooms.

They were out near Poplar Bluff a couple weeks ago, so it's worth another look.

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Thank you dear for such a nice info, I want to ask what is the best season to go out for mushroom hunting in Asian areas ? are there any different conditions other than European countries ?


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Anam, I see from your profile that you live in Pakistan. It will be evry interesting to see photos of mushrooms that you find there. It is likely that some of the types are different than anything one may find in North America or western Europe. But also, some may be very similar. One thing to keep in mind... Some mushrooms that are edible here in North America may look like ones from Pakistan that are not edible. It should be very interesting fo all of us here at WM!

One type of edible mushroom that I believe is collected in Pakistan is the morel. This is an excellent edible mushroom. It can be confused with a few other types from genus Gyromitra or genus Verpa. A few of the Gyromitra mushrooms are poisonous. And some people become ill after eating Verpas. So it's a good idea to know these types if one wants to hunt morels.

Weather and seasons are different in Pakistan than here in North America. But morels tend to grow when the trees are just beginning to get new buds/leaves. Springtime is the best time for morels. Although there are some types of morels that grow at other times of the year. In Pakistan, I would guess that one wants to find forested areas in the lower portions of the mountains. So I would guess that northern Pakistan would be best for morels. But there may be other areas in your country, as well.

In Tibet, there are various mushrooms collected in the Himalayan areas. Cordyceps sinensis (more recently called Ophiocordyceps sinensis due to a scienific name change) grows on insect larvae and is regarded as being very good for one's health.

In Tibet

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