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San Diego Find - Can someone assist with ID

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San Diego- Found Growing in wood chips



The gills are a cream to white color



The largest stem is approx. 6 cm long and 1 cm wide. The stem is white with a cream color at the base



The cap is 1.5 cm wide with conical top. Color is dark brown with a black ring around the bottom of a few of the mushrooms


Spore print color:

Unable to collect a spore print so far. looking at the base of the gills, the spores MAY be black but that only speculation.



No discern-able bruising 


Other information:






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looks like a mica cap,   Coprinellus sp,

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A couple of things seem to point away from Coprinellus. First, the caps appear to not have radial/marginal striations. Also, a few of the these show fairly persistent remnants of a partial veil clinging to the cap margin and/or stalk. C. micaceus types have a very insubstantial partial veil --if at all-- consisting of a few thin threads that quickly disappear. I haven't thought of a Coprinopsis species that looks like these; and I don't see any sign of deliquescence (inkiness) on the gills/cap. 

My guess is these are a species of Psathyrella.  

Coprinus/Coprinellus species have pure black spore prints. Psathyrella have dark purplish brown prints --mostly; it's a large genus. To see the difference between a very dark Psathyrella print and a black print from an inky-cap, it may be necessary to view a thick print deposited on a pure black non-porous surface (by way of contrast with black or absence thereof).  Panaeolus species also have black spore print (and do not deliquesce), but these don't look like Panaeolus to me.

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