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Need help identifying these mushrooms from NorCal

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I found these mushrooms in Santa Cruz California. They caught my eyebwhen i was on a trail run. I went home and tried to research what type they were, and my guess was Amanita Mascaria. However, i wish to see some confirmation on this from some people who are more familiar with mushrooms. Please help me identify these!










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I agree; these look like Amanita muscaria flavivolvata, the red-capped western NA version of the "Fly Agaric". The eastern NA version --which has a yellow or orangish cap color--  is called Amanita muscaria guessowii. Interestingly, Amanita researcher Rod Tulloss reports that these two versions do not have significantly different DNA signatures.        http://www.amanitaceae.org/?Amanita+muscaria+subsp.+flavivolvata 

Mushroom Expert does a nice job of describing the key ID features for A. muscaria.  http://www.mushroomexpert.com/amanita_muscaria_flavivolvata.html

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