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Oysters vs angel wings

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I recently found some dead hardwoods in south louisiana with mushrooms growing from them.  The mushrooms have decurrent gills, short stems, and grow in a vertical pattern.  I started to think i found my first oysters, until i noticed a difference between the larger, thinner mushrooms and the smaller, heartier mushrooms.  The biggest difference i notice between the 2 mushrooms is underneath the cap margin.  The larger mushroom doesnt have a thick "edge".  Its just frayed and fans out with no formal edge underneath. The smaller one almost rolls under and has a rolled edge at the margin.  Am i dealing with 2 different types of mushrooms or just oysters in different stages.  The first 2 pictures show both.  The last 4 pictures show the larger mushroom.  







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The dark color on the smaller caps seen in the top photo seems a bit unusual for Pleurotus (Oyster Mushrooms). Otherwise, the photos all look like Oysters to me. I don't see any here that look like Pleurocybella porrigens (Angel Wings); a species that grows only on wood of coniferous trees. I think the "thick edge" seen on the smaller ones in these photos is only because the caps are not fully expanded. Angel Wings are thinner and somewhat more fragile than Oysters. 

Viewed with a microscope (400x), the spores of Pleurocybella are shaped differently than those of Pleurotus. 

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