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Muddy Boots

Hello from SE North Carolina

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Hey all.  I have been growing shitakes from plugs for a number of years. I have also tried growing oyster mushrooms via plug without as much success as shitakes.  That is my only real experience with edible fungi in my adult years.  Yesterday while cutting storm damaged trees,  I looked up to see what appear to my un expert eyes to be oyster mushrooms growing on a dead water oak of about 5 inch circumference.  It is the first time I have actually seen what appears to be an edible mushroom that I recognize as such growing in this area.    I am going to attempt to include some pictures here for your advice - these all appear to me to be well past their prime and definitely water logged with all the rain we have been having.  thanks and I hope to have found a new hobby.  I am also very curious as to if there are any other edible mushrooms I might find growing in the south east in the coastal plain and if there are indeed wild edible oyster mushrooms in my area ?  If I can find the pics I took a few months back I will also be asking about what I think are reishi  that I found colonizing the roots of a silver maple I cut down a couple years back.



mushroom 1.jpg

mushroom 2.jpg

mushroom 3.jpg

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