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This is the mushroom bunch I found while hiking in the Himalayan region of Uttarakhand, India. In Almora district to be precise. 

It has brownish gills with very less amount of spore print. Although the little anount of spores that were collected were dark brown in colour. The top is totally white with someof them having very pale blue linings at the periphery. 

Kindly help me identify this species. 


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My first impression was Trametes pubescens. But T. pubescens fruit bodies have neither gills nor brown spores! One type of Trametes, T. betulina which is listed in most field guides as Lenzites betulina, has gills, but the spore print is white. 

Gills, brown spores, and growth habit suggest the genus Crepidotus, although the mushrooms seen here don't look like any Crepidotus species I know. But, certainly there are many types of Himalayan mushrooms that I have never seen. So, genus Crepidotus may be something to consider. Do you have a photo of the undersides of these? Is the flesh tough/leathery or is it soft/fragile? 

Bharti, if you make any progress on naming these, it would be interesting to me to see what you find.

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