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Down Memory Lane IDs? (in the other thread)

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Since most of the ID activity is in this thread I thought I'd ask for some help over here, even though the main posting with all the pictures is in the other thread.

They are photos from a hike we did in 2008 (I know, ten years ago!) but there were soooooo many different varieties of mushrooms and fungus that we took many photos.

It was before I developed my current keen interest in Mycology but I've always enjoyed taking pictures of mushrooms as we hike.

If anyone wants to have a look and ID some of them I'd add labels to the photos. I can see Oyster mushrooms and an Amanita muscaria. Lots of others I don't know.

Thanks for helping out!

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I don't see any photos posted in this thread. But, if photos do appear later, it would be good if there is only one (proposed) species per discussion, so that clarity is maintained as we discuss possibilities. 

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