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Help pls

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Friend of mine picked these yesterday and sked me to find out what they are.

Bluish staining where picked and along gills. Cap brown center turning white on edges




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Looks like maybe a species of Hygrophorus, except I don't know any of these types that stain blue. H. subviolaceus is a darker-colored type with a bluish tinge. H.  caeruleus is a blue Hygrophorus, but it's much larger and looks much different than the ones seen these photos. Cuphophyllus is another genus that's similar to Hygrophorus, but I don'y know of any of these that stain blue.

Were these growing on the ground? Are the caps slippery? Were they harvested during wet weather? What type(s) of trees are in the area?

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Pine forest is a typical habitat for a variety of late-season Hygrophporus species. I did a little checking, but have not found a name for a blue-staining Hygrophorus species. Are the gills brownish? H. kauffmanii is a similar looking species that has browinsh gills and grayish stalk, but it is reported to be an oak associate. 

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