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Northern California ID help

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These look like Agaricus californicus, a western NA species that is poisonous to many people. The cut/damaged flesh may stain yellow, although descriptions of A. californicus say this trait is variable. The book Agaricus of North America says the yellowing is usually absent unless the chemical KOH is applied. Also, like some of the other poisonous Agaricus species, the mushrooms may have a phenol/medicinal odor. But this trait is also listed as variable. A. californicus has a general appearance that is somewhat similar to different edible types A. campestris and A. bisporus. I have never seen A. californicus (except in photos; it does not occur here in eastern NA). But, the persistent rings and the somewhat shiny/lustrous cap surfaces seen in this thread support the A. califiornicus proposal.    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agaricus_californicus 

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