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Oysters Today

Old Oak

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Went out for a bit along the river. We've had temps in the mid 40's for about a few days here after lots of snow. The only place I found them was in a frozen marsh. Found oyster mushrooms and some flammulina velutipes. It was really beautiful out. Gonna go back out tomorrow. I'm on break from school and my girls are still in school, so I'm trying to take advantage of the time.




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Another nice find for you. I'm guessing they're growing on some kind of cottonwood. Can you tell which one? P ostreatus or P populinus. I've been finding enoki on small dead elms. If you haven't seen Adam Haritan's youtube video on enoki you should check it out.



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They were mostly P. ostreatus with a few P. serotinus mixed in. I went out again today. They were all growing from black willows. There weren't any growing on cottonwoods (which are plentiful in that area). They were very high today so I had to get my trusty fishing weight and dacron fishing line to get them down! There was also stiff competition from the deer. You can see in the first photo that they munched off the ones that were within range.



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