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Need Help Identifying Mushroom


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Hello everyone, I Live in southern Ontario , and today I found a ton of mushrooms near maple tree roots. I think they are galerinas but just wanted to confirm that they are not cubescens or any other type of psychedelic mushroom. Brown caps, whitish brown/grey/white twisty stipes , light brown gills, No brusing on any of them as far as I can see, I don't know why but they didn't really leave any spore print after 45 mins of sitting under a glass, please lmk if you know what these are asap thank you.






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Galerina marginata is a possibility here. (Most other species of Galerina are tiny fragile mushrooms that grow in moss.)  Are you certain all the mushrooms seen in the photos represent the same species? The ones in the group seen in-situ on the ground appear to be whitish with a brown disc (possibly due to being a hygrophanous type of mushroom... ie, changes color from the cap margin inward as it loses moisture). The one in close-up has a yellow cap. 

The yellow one looks like Flammula alnicola (aka. Pholiota alnicola), or possibly another species of Pholiota. The ones seen in-situ --if they are indeed different-- may be a species of Pholiota or possibly Kuehneromyces. I'm not highly confident about any of these suggested IDs. To distinguish between Pholiota/Flammula, Galerina marginata, Kuehneromyces, (and also Gymnopilus) it is often necessary to view microscopic details at 400x (or greater). The types listed here have spore print colors that range from brown to rusty brown to rusty orange. 

Obtaining a spore print thick enough to judge color generally requires at least 10 hours (although there are exceptions). 

Definitely not Psilocybe cubensis (which I suspect is what you mean by "cubescens").  This species does not occur in the wild in eastern NA north of the Gulf Coast and relatively close inland areas. It grows on cow dung. 

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