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Hello, Newb From WI

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Long time lurker, love the site.  Long story warning...


Found a giant hen on my drive home tonight, passed the spot for 15 years and never bothered to notice.  But today it stuck out like it had strobe lights on it, even going 55.  Ran thru a water and mud filled ditch, mosquito swarm in full effect, and got it.  Ran back to the truck, put the hen in, only to be unable to find my keys.  Cant remember if I took them or left them in the truck.  Pretty sure I took them.  Old age is killing my memory, wtf too young for that.  Starting to rain.  Mosquitoes grateful Im still outside my truck.  I know I need to backtrack to find them, Im sure I must have dropped them.  So naturally I look a few more times thru the truck, but come up empty.  Finally backtrack to the tree and look on the ground and by some miracle, there they lie.  Grab em, run thru ditch, back in truck, get home and clean that bad boy up.  Its in perfect condition!  Clothes not so much, good thing my wife likes hens.


Figured I should register, sorry for the long story.  Sadly, a pretty normal day at least once a week for me, minus the mushroom find, heh.

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Glad you decided to join us 🙂

Sorry to hear about the stress of loosing your keys in that situation. I'm just glad they were easy to find!

You're not alone in having something like that happen. I'm only in my 30s and I've had similar experiences.

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