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White Tails Love Amanita muscaria!

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Thought you guys would like this. In the first photo there are a ton of Amanita muscaria littering my friend's yard. He said that this deer went and cleaned them all out of his yard. After finding these in the woods many times, and noticing crumbs around, I finally know who's been eating them all!



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2 hours ago, MattVa said:

Very cool pic! Grey squirrels around my way absolutely annihilate russula's but they eat them so fast I can never snap a pic in time. 

I speculated that squirrels were eating them. Usually the mess I find is what I imagine a squirrel leaving behind 🤣

@Tasso, thanks for sharing that video URL... that is some crazy stuff. Drinking deer urine... the extent some people would go to. 🤯

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Deer certainly eat fall oysters. Saw a nice cluster, I planned on harvesting, one morning by the the afternoon they were chewed to the trunk. Deer one me zero as I was hunting them at the time. No deer no oysters; mother nature wins again!

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On ‎10‎/‎9‎/‎2018 at 11:39 PM, John Smalldridge said:

Turtles love mushrooms too! I've witnessed box turtles eating A. muscaria and other mushrooms also. Around here squirrels are the number one poacher in my mushroom spots.

Me too...the squirrels are hilarious when they haul a big Russula up a tree and chow down.

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