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Hello i am growing pink and yellow oyster mushrooms and shiitake  mushrooms. Today while i was misting them i notice that my shiitake mushrooms  mycelium was turning brown on a side and was wondering if thats nrmal, my pink oyster mycelium has a pink color to its mycelium  , do shiitake's get a brown color? Take a look at the pics  down below and let me know if i need to throw it out or leave it. the shiitake mushrooms  are fruiting  ( the pins are comeing out and growing out the side of the bucket)  








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From my experience with growing shitake, it does turn brown on the outside of the block before pinning/fruiting begins. Usually there is more browning than what is in your photos but that could also be related to the strain you have.

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It is definitely normal for shiitake blocks to turn brown before fruiting or after the first flush. Many people will cold shock and or dunk blocks in water to initiate fruiting but this is not necessary.

I am not sure if the brown coloring is due to melanin produced by the mycelium but it seems to offer the blocks a degree of protection. 

Anyways, looks great!

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