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Poss. Russala brevipes

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Hi everyone! 

Founs these guys around some oaks on the ground. Think they might be R. Brevipes, its a shame none were infected with lobster fungus! 

Cap: white/yellowish maturing to light orange and brown. Darker rings like a tree stump getting more frequent towards center. Indented center of cap, aysymmetrical. 

Pore Surface: white gills running to stem, easily detached. No veil seen. 

Stem: thick/short white stem with a crunchy and tough texture. 

Bruising: none 

Taste: somewhat bitter? I didnt do much beside lick it lol

Smell: earthy, metallic, fishy (had a bad spot on the cap)

Size: palm sized and larger

Spore print: light orange, my cat erased half in the picture with a swipe of his tail :(

Ill put the spores under a scope tomorrow at work and add that too. I have some better pictures on my camera if these arent enough! Thanks! 






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I think you have yourself some sort of Lactarius. If I’m not mistaken, I seen white latex in second photo. Also note the rings on cap. Most Lactarius have that feature ( I believe)  Not sure the species but I would bet 3 bucks it is probably spicy lol. Small amount nibbled then spat out is key in identifying some mushrooms. I’m no expert so the experts should be chiming in soon 

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Looks to be possibly the same species as  https://wildmushroomhunting.org/index.php?/topic/4224-found-a-handful-of-new-species/. I'll link this discussion to the other, as well.

sometime later tonight I'll have a chance to check my Milk Mushrooms of North America book. I'd like to check the spore print color for Lactarius yazooensis.

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The spore print of Lactarius yazooensis is reported as yellow. That's not way different than the color seen here. And the print seen here looks to be very thick. A thick spore print can look darker than normal. Here's another idea... Lactarius psammicola.

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