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Northern Illinois (not Chicago) mushroom hunter Introduction


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Hello everybody,

I am a wild edible mushroom hunter in Rockford, Illinois. I have a love for all things nature/outdoors and my first edible mushroom find was a half-free morel on my Grandparent's 40 acres of woods in Southern Illinois at the age of 14. I have stayed curious these past 18 years since then.

I reached out to a mushroom group out of Chicago that meets a good 1.5 hours away at least from my location to see if they knew of a group in Rockford. No such group existed to their knowledge. I don't have the time to drive 3 hours round trip so this forum is my next best option. I am looking forward to learning from you all and,  hopefully, contributing to this online community as well.

As a side, it is really awesome when others know of your interest in mushrooms. My brother-in-law found this giant puffball growing in his yard and picked it for me. I have friends fairly often send me pictures of mushrooms they've found asking if they are edible. Unfortunately, they usually are not.




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