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Pulchroboletus rubricitrinus or b. fairchildianus?


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Diana, if you ever have a chance to attend a big FL foray (or other far south location) --sponsored by a club or some mycological organization-- you will suddenly make great progress as a bolete identifier. No substitute for discussing a mushroom in hand with someone who knows the mushroom very well. And, all of these boletes you're finding and posting here... you will likely remember things about them that you currently find confusing, which means you are currently setting yourself up to eventually sort out a lot of details. Not sure what's available in FL, but I do know that Alan and Arleen Bessette used to spend a lot of time down there. 

I don't have a solid knowledge of the mycoflora of FL, and it's quite a bit different than up here! Actually, I've learned a few things by viewing/discussing your observations. And, I believe you have managed to sort out a few species to the extent that you understand them fairly well. (eg. looks like you on your way to understanding B. floridanus.) This type of knowledge does not come quickly. One examines multiple collections of species X, compares with species Y, Z etc when possible, and even after one has sorted out the details, there comes collection that's sufficiently ambiguous to raise questions. It's all part of the fun :-)

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Thanks for the pep talk Dave.  And I do realize that with things *it* suddenly becomes clear.  Be it knitting, spinning, whatever, one day you wake up and can not unsee the answer.  I would love to find a group hunt, nothing teaches the same as live.  I guess it also needs to be area specific.

I do have some questions regarding descriptions.  What is meant by stuffed?  As in stem stuffed?  How about infertile edge?  There are other terms but I can't think of them at the moment.  Oh, and also, when someone post a picture of something in the sullius family I automatically recognize it as such but only by photo.  Are the pores on sullus more angular?

And I don't want to monopolize the board...........

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Pores on Suillus are often "radially arranged", meaning they kinda line up in rows connecting the stipe with the margin. 

"Stuffed" pores refers to a feature associated with Boletus section Boletus, the "Kings". When young, these types have pores that are filled with a white substance that disappears as the cap expands. Young Boletus edulis has a white underside that may appear to be a smooth to slightly bumpy surface with no observable pore openings.

A "stuffed" stipe has an outer skin and an interior with (usually white) pithy material. 

"Infertile edge" is a "flap" of material that extends the cap cuticle along the margin beyond the pore surface. This feature is most commonly associated with species from Leccinum section Leccinum, although mushrooms from a  variety of different genera may exhibit this. See photo of Leccinum vulpinum below. 


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Thanks!  That helps a lot.  I need to quit bringing in every bolete I find and just bring home one to Id.  I get so confused when I have a tray of maybe 20 that are probably 6 different types.  I'm driving myself batty.

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Hi Diana,

I am also learning about Florida wild mushrooms, and while it's been almost 5 years since you posted, I just came across the post today. I have a bunch of Florida Boletes that just appeared under some of our Southern Oaks after heavy rains in May, 2023. I can be very determined and I finally got an answer. Mine are Pulchroboletus rubricitrinus and they do look a bit different than what you had in your pictures. I found a group on Facebook, they are Florida Mushroom and Fungus ID, they clarified for me what I have. If you are on Facebook, and haven't found an answer yet, try sharing your photos there.




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