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Oyster mushrooms?


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Found these growing out of a split on a dying maple tree.  These three grew together one on top of the next at around 8 feet up.  There was two other groups higher up, maybe 15 feet or so.  Black beetles were all over these things.  I expected the caps to be a bit more smooth, but they have almost a fuzzy texture to them like felt or velvet.  The largest one here is just under 6 inches across.  Are these oyster mushrooms?





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Possibly P dryinus, maybe not.. I found them last month. They were deep in the splits or wounds of a downed  maple tree.  Chewy, maybe good browned in fat fro m meat.The stems were well developed, at least 1.5x the cap width. These were more round than oyster shaped.





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Thanks for the info guys.  I've found some similar to this in a different area, but they were noticeably hairier around the stalk, and not as bright white as these.  These three were quite weathered when I got to them and only the stalks were sheltered from the elements.  The crack in the maple tree where these were growing out of was only slightly larger than the stalks, and provided a little bit of protection.

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