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help identifying mushroom my toddler got into


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Can anyone help identify these mushrooms that my toddler got into today? They were growing in the wood chips at the local park in Mississauga (Southern Ontario). It has been rather wet the last week or so after a very dry summer. The mushrooms are small (probably 1-2cm diameter cap, and maybe 5 cm tall), black-ish and were growing in a cluster. Hopefully the two photos show the features clear enough. I'm not a mushroom expert by any sense, but looking online it doesn't appear to be poisonous, I'm just wanting to be sure. My son didn't ingest any of the mushrooms, but he did put one into his mouth.

Thanks for any help!post-290-0-93644400-1345081567_thumb.jpgpost-290-0-31090800-1345081584_thumb.jpg

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I can't tell for certain from the photos, but I will tell you that just putting them in your mouth and not ingesting will do no harm. There are many instances where we may put a small piece of mushroom in our mouths to see if it is bitter or "sweet" meaning not bitter to help with an ID. If you spit it out and don't swallow any saliva from tasting, you should be fine. I wish I could give you a difinitive answer. It is a good idea to take a sample home and if you see signs of any issues take the toddler to the ER and take the mushrooms with you too so they can contact a mycologist on call to ID the mushrooms and help with diagnosis.

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