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I found these mushrooms on an old pine in northeast Wisconsin late May

From what I've read, there are no "classical" Reishi (G lucidum, lingzhi) in the wild in N America, and many of the possible species I would consider don't come this far north



A) possible ID

B) Are these good for Reishi tea

C) If good- what is the best time to harvest? (these look pretty young)


Untitled-1 a2.jpg



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Look like g. tsugae, so probably a hemlock instead of a pine. I believe there is a discussion on making a tincture from these in the medicinal mushroom forum.

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I have NEVER found G. tsugae without also finding them.  When the mushroom first appears (in early June) they usually are on 1/4 of the fruiting bodies, but by the end of June most are eaten/rotted away and the rest are swarming with these.

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