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Hey everyone, 

Found these while on a walk in the bush, they were on the bottom of a fallen tree, thought they looked interesting but when i tried to find out what they were I was unsuccessful, just curious as to what they may be, thanks. 



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My first guess would be these are a species of genus Gymnopilus. Knowing the spore print color would be potentially useful. 

Here's something I found online that looks like the mushrooms seen in this thread  http://australianfungi.blogspot.com/2007/03/5-gymnopilus-junonius.html. The author of this blog is calling the mushrooms Gymnopilus junonius. This is a species name often applied to North American collections. The name may or may not apply to a type found in Australia. I see online there are other sources that claim G. junonius occurs in Australia. Here's the Mushroom Expert account of Gymopilus junonius as it is understood in North America  http://www.mushroomexpert.com/gymnopilus_junonius.html. 

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