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mushroom identification

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Hello. This is my first time on this site. I sure could use some help identifying 2 mushrooms. The first one looks like a backward mushroom on a dead limb. The gills are facing outward and it is attached to the limb with the part that I think would normally be the outside. I found a limb last year that had more that 25 of them on it. I no longer have the picture. This is the one found yesterday. The spore print is white. The gills are cream color and look like folds.

The second thing is a solid black mass that my husband and I found the other day. This is the third one we have found. It is about the size of a softball. Found on the ground in leaves not attached to anything (could have fallen from a tree?). It is spongy, not smooth. We have found several lions manes and it looks like it could be one that got old. Do you have any idea?



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Hello and welcome! You'll probably get better help posting requestes in the ID forum. Please be sure to read the rules before posting as well. Have fun exploring!

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