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I have been hunting mushrooms just in the last few months and have begun to notice these in my local woods. They are thick and rubbery. The caps have pale indistinct bands of brown and cream, no velvet, with lumpy centers in the semi-circle. I thought they might be trametes gibbosa, but they don't have elongated pores on the bottom! They're normal round pores. I find them on downed trees, usually oaks.




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3 hours ago, Dave W said:

I agree about the pores being too small for T. gibbosa (formerly/incorrectly T. elegans in some field guides). I think this may be Trametes cubensis, a southern NA species featuring small roundish pores.  http://mushroomobserver.org/5421?q=BPin

Ah yes!! I believe you are correct. I could not find this info anywhere, but Trametes cubensis absolutely fits the best.

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