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A question for you Dave.

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I often find myself out finding mushrooms in the woods late in the afternoon with not enough light to take a decent photo of a mushroom. So I've been looking at lighting options and I've found some small LED lights that are daylight balanced. I was just wondering if you thought this would work for ID and insitu photos. I know you often stress using natural light, but if these are daylight balanced, shouldn't these have the same effect?

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Sound like a good idea, John. I haven't tried anything like this. In the late-day waning sunlight I look for a large open area where there's still a lot of ambient light. Using an aluminum foil reflector may also be helpful in low light conditions. But to be honest, some of my late-day photos just don't come out. For a really interesting collection, I'll resort to using indoor lighting during the evening, and then try to get a few outdoor shots early the following morning. 

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I would recommend a ring flash which you can also just use as fill light. It goes around the lens so you don't have shadows from the lens. You can adjust how bright the light is, and for fill lighting, it works great.

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