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These mushrooms were found in a large patch in a pile of tanbark under a bush with small, round with pointy tip, green leaves. The weather has been very rainy recently and the ground had a morning frost on it late last week.


The caps are distinctly wavy, witch were a caramel brown when we picked them and have turned a far lighter brown after drying. The fresh caps have thin darker spokes radiating from the center of the cap, these are more prominent at the edge of the cap. The caps are in general 2-5 cm with some slightly larger.


The gills are attatched to the entire underbelly of the cap but only attatched to the stem at the very top and are hanging freely below that. The gills are light brown with a hint of purple on the younger mushrooms and a far darker brown with a deep purple in the larger ones.


The stems were white when we picked the mushrooms but quickly bruised a black/blue. After drying some were still mostly white, some were mostly blue. 2-5cm in length, around 0.25-0.5 cm in width.

Spore print:

Dark brown/black with hints of purple under the light











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The best way to view a very dark spore print is on a black medium. If the print is truly black, then except for the textural difference, the print color shows no contrast to the black background. If there's a brown/purple tint, then the contrast with black is observable. To my eye, the spore prints in the photos look black. But this may be because of the sharp contrast with the white medium. 

I'm not familiar with Psilocybe cyanescens, nor with many of the other west coast NA fungal species. Blue staining/bruising supports the P. cyanescens proposal. 

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