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When I see pictures of those commercial style mushroom grow houses it makes me feel the same as when I see pictures of those big industrial chicken farms. Mushrooms weren't meant to live in plastic bags in temperature controlled sterile environments. 

Im glad at least a few species are able to hold out against those trying to enslave them!




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In the computer world there is a thing called GNU... its all about software freedom. It is a somewhat rare thing compared to the rest of software... also it is different from Open Source. Maybe this only translates to computer geeks but I feel like the Morel is like the `gMushroom` (usually 'g' is added to the begining of the name of software that is "GNU" software). I'm not sure if this translates well but maybe one of my computer geek cohorts out there will stumble upon this at the very least. :-)

Great pic. I love when Morels look like that... so soft and unreal looking. I think its pretty cool that the morel is sort of like the dark horse that no one can get a hold on.

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