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Is this turkey tail?


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Top photo is Gloeophyllum sepiarium http://www.mushroomexpert.com/gloeophyllum_sepiarium.html Not Turkey Tail.

Bottom photo is probably a species of Ganoderma, likely G. applanatum. Not Turkey Tail. 

True Turkey Tail is a thin-fleshed shelf polypoire with small pores on the undersides. 

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That's a lot of different material upon which to comment. 

The correct answer is "what are the identities of these fungi?" It's typical for a beginner to want to know how to ID edibles. But, aside form a handful of easy-to-recognize types/species, one needs to know lots of types/species of mushrooms. Because for almost any edible type, there are several other types that may be mistaken for the given edible type. 

Okay, in the future, let's discuss one or two types per post. From the top (newer post)...

Amanita muscaria var. guessowii, toxic.

Pholiota squarrosa, suspected of being a sickener.

Scleroderma species (I think... little out of focus). Scleroderma are toxic. 

Russula species. Not a good edible, and some species are sickeners. 

Hygrocybe species, possibly H. cantharellus. Need to see underside.

Not sure about this orange mushroom. Amanita? Hygrocybe? Need to see more details.

Gray capped mushroom. Amanita brunnescens. Suspected of being toxic. 

Scaly-capped terrestrial mushroom... ? Maybe a Lactarius...? Need more details. 

Humidicutis marginata var. concolor.

Hygrocybe...? Humidicutis...? 

Red-capped Russula. Many possible species. 

Old varnished Ganoderma. What type of wood? 

Tremellodendron pallidum (recently re-named T. scweinitzii). Tough-fleshed. Considered to be not edible. 

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